Tuesday, 11 October 2016


What a fantastic time I had spending the day with you all. It was really good to meet everyone and thank you for being patient when I started to loose my voice a bit... I'm full recovered now and will be much louder next time I see you.

It's great that so many of you have taken the time to come and leave messages on this diary page. Remember... this is your page so if you can think of anything that you would like me to add to it or anything that you think I should change - please, please let me know. Does the background look boring... should I change the colour of the writing? 

Since I came to school I have received copies of my latest book - The Awful Astronaut. I love the way the book looks and can't wait to show it to you. I've got a couple of copies on one side for the school library too :-) 

I think that with a little book all about an astronaut it would be great to have a book launch somewhere... Hmmm??? But where could I have one?

Thank you to everyone that has suggested some books to read... please keep suggesting them and I will put them on here for everyone to see...

Adam has read The Ultimate National Pokedex - great for fans of Pokemon...

and The 65 Story Treehouse, by Andy Griffiths - you might like to give this one a try if you're love really funny and silly, funny stories :-)
Caitlin and Ella loves the Tracy Beaker books by Jacqueline Wilson (boys love them too you know...)

and they also recommend the hugely popular Wimpy Kid Books... you might have already ready the first Wimpy Kid book but did you know that there are now 10 of them to read???

Thank you for all your book suggestions - keep them coming...

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